Mica Insulated Heaters

Mickenhagen Mikanit heating elements have been specially developed for the external heating of cylindrical molds and tools. Our broad product range includes both standard heating elements for the most common plastics processing machines in the injection molding and extrusion sectors as well as customized special solutions for process engineering applications up to a temperature of 350°C.



Mickenhagen micanite heating tapes are based on high-quality micanite-mica insulation. Mica is a minerail that is pressed into plates and is characterized by excellent heat resistance and electrical insulation properties.

The heating element consists of a micanite core around which a heating conductor wire is wound. An insulating layer is applied above and below the heating conductor in order to insulate the heating conductor electrically from the housing of the heating tape and other parts. On the outside, the heating element is encased in a metal sheath to protect it from external influences and mechanical damage. By adding thermal insulation, energy efficiency can be significantly improved. Uniform temperature distribution enables precise temperature control for efficient process control and product quality.


Mikanit heating tapes are used in all areas of electric heating technology.

  • Plastics processing

  • Medical technology

  • Extrusion

  • Food industry

  • Research and development

  • Laboranwendungen

  • Laboratory applications

  • Tool heating


Mica Insulated Band Heaters

max. 5 W/cm²
max 350°C

Mica Insulated Frame Heaters

L-shape and
U-shape possible
max. 5 W/cm²
max 350°C

Mica Insulated Flat Heaters

max. 5 W/cm²
max 350°C

Mikanit Zylinder Heizelemente

max. 5 W/cm²
max 350°C

Mikanit Rahmen Heizelemente

auch L- und
U- Formen möglich
max. 5 W/cm²
max 350°C

Mikanit Heizplatten

max. 5 W/cm²
max 350°C
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