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For more than 60 years, MICKENHAGEN GMBH & Co.KG has been successfully developing and manufacturing electric heating elements for industrial applications in the market. In addition to standard heating elements for various machines in plastic processing or die-casting technology, the company primarily manufactures custom-made special heating elements for various industrial sectors.

With a business concept that places the needs of customers at the center of economic thinking and action, our company successfully establishes its position in the market. Thanks to a skilled and experienced team of employees, we have the capability to realize even unconventional customizations in a short timeframe. A strategically designed company building, a state-of-the-art machinery park, and constantly optimized manufacturing methods ensure cost-effectiveness and flexibility. Computer-controlled piece/input inspections and continuous quality controls throughout the entire production process guarantee a high and consistent quality standard.


In 1997, Eugen Mickenhagen decided to retire, marking not only the end of an era but also the beginning of a new chapter for the company. With great foresight, he passed the leadership of the company to the next generation.

Over the past 25 years, Nicole Mickenhagen and Achim Rittinghaus have carried the responsibility for the company with great dedication and strong collaborative efforts. Their commitment, expertise, and leadership skills have contributed to the continued successful growth and competitiveness of the company within the industry.

Now, the third generation is already poised to continue the tradition and success of the company. Vera Schmitt, will follow in the footsteps of Mrs. Mickenhagen and, alongside her father, Achim Rittinghaus, assume responsibility for the company. This ongoing family tradition and joint continuation of the company promise a promising future, ensuring the preservation of the values and experiences built over the years.





Die Geschäftsleitung der Firma Mickenhagen GmbH&Co.KG
Konstruktionsbüro Mickenhagen GmbH&Co.KG


We have specialized in the prouction of custom-made individual pieces, small series, and special solutions. Customers seeking a tailored solution for a complex heating system are supported at Mickenhagen with comprehensive expertise and service in the design and dimensioning of heating elements.

We are pleased to guide you through every stage of your projects, from initial inquiry to successful project completion. Our comprehensive package ensures a seamless integration from heating element to heating control, providing a streamlined and efficient experience for your endeavors.





We manufacture our heating elements in Lüdenscheid, the center of the plastics industry.

With our high level of in-house manufacturing we can produce even specialized heating elements, also in small quantities, in a short time. Our modern factory and constantly optimized manufacturing methods enable us, to respond quickly and economically to customer needs or changing market conditions.

Our products are utilized in the plastics industry, medical technology, food industry, mechanical engineering, automotive industry, recycling industry, and many other sectors. The applications of electric heating elements are as diverse as the product itself.



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